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  • Windows: x32/x64, portable: version 1.8.0 (2017.04.07)
  • Linux: x64, portable Gtk2, deb-package Gtk2: version 1.8.0 (2017.04.07)
  • Linux-ARM: version 1.8.2.beta (2017.04.22)
  • macOS: version 1.8.0 (2017.04.08)

3rd-party page has packages for: Linux x32; Windows XP (with Python 3.4).

Note for Linux and macOS versions: Python engine is not shipped with CudaText. To use plugins on macOS, you must install Python 3.x from official To use plugins on Linux, see instruction inside "default.json" config about "pylib".

Linux-ARM version is for Raspberry Pi 3, see example screenshot how to write option "pylib" there.

Latest add-ons updates:

  • [plugin] Options Editor (new, very handy dialog to configure all ops in user.json)
  • [plugin] FindInFiles (upd)
  • [lexer] Kotlin (new)
  • [plugin] Config Toolbar (upd)
  • [plugin] Python Intel (upd)
  • [plugin] SQLTools (upd, added command "Explain plan" for 5 DBs)
  • [sidebar theme] Entypo 20x20
  • [sidebar theme] Glyphicons 24x24
  • [plugin] uroboroSQL Format (new)
  • [plugin] Auto-Copy to Clipboard (new)
  • [plugin] FindInFiles (upd, handles dbl-click in report file)
  • [plugin] Backup File (totally new plugin, replaces internal opt "backup")
  • [plugin] Insert Pics (new, embeds pictures into text)
  • [plugin] Filter Lines (upd, new options)
  • [plugin] Tern (new, code intelligence for JavaScript)