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  • Windows: x32/x64, portable: version 1.6.4 (2017.01.19)
  • Linux: x64, portable Gtk2/Qt, deb-package Gtk2: version 1.6.4 (2017.01.19)
  • macOS: Carbon: version 1.6.0 (2016.12.30)
3rd-party page has packages for:
  • Linux x32
  • Windows XP (with Python 3.4)

Latest add-ons updates:

  • [plugin] Spell Checker (upd)
  • [lexer] Strace (new)
  • [lexer] LiveCode (new)
  • [plugin] Insert Pics (new, embeds pictures into text)
  • [plugin] CudaExt (new cmd: Re-wrap selected text by margin)
  • [plugin] Sort (new cmds: Reverse lines, Shuffle, Extract dups, Extract uniques, Remove blanks)
  • [plugin] Filter Lines (upd, new options)
  • [lexer] Kivy (new)
  • [lexer] HTML Django (new)
  • [lexer] PlantUML (new)
  • [plugin] Filter Lines (new)
  • [lexer] ZenScript/MineTweaker (new)
  • [lexer] Stata
  • [lexer] Assembly SPARC (new)
  • [lexer] Assembly SHARC DSP (new)
  • [plugin] Tern (new, code intelligence for JavaScript)
  • [plugin] Markdown Table Format (new, port from Sublime)
  • [plugin] HTML Ops (new, few commands to add tags: b/i/u)
  • [plugin] ExtTools (upd, added macros functions, q/u/l/t)
  • [plugin] SQLTools (new, ported from Sublime)
  • [plugin] Paste as String (new)
  • [plugin] CSS Table of Contents (new)