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  • Windows: x32/x64: 1.57.0 (2018/06)
  • Linux: x32/x64: 1.57.0 (2018/06)
  • Linux-ARM: 1.57.0 (2018/06)
  • macOS: 1.57.0 (2018/06)
  • FreeBSD: 1.57.0 (2018/06)

Platform-specific notes
  • Windows: Python engine is included.
  • macOS: Python engine is not included. To use plugins, you must install Python 3.x from official
  • Linux, Linux-ARM, FreeBSD: Python engine is not included. To use plugins, see instruction inside "default.json" config about "pylib".

Latest add-ons updates

  • [plugin] CSV Hilite (new)
  • [plugin] Auto Save (new)
  • [plugin] Find in Files (upd)
  • [plugin] CudaExt (upd, added command "Code tree: Find node")
  • [lexer] Pug (new)
  • [plugin] plugins CaretsNumbering, InsertNumbers, Romanize, NumToWords, NumToWordsRu - merged into Number Utils (new)
  • [tree helper] PHP, Markdown, MediaWiki, WikidPad (new, for CudaTree)
  • [plugin] CudaTree (new framework, to build Code Tree for more lexers)
  • [lexer] WikidPad (new)
  • [codetreeicons] Axialis Flat Pro (new)
  • [plugin] Open URL (new)
  • [plugin] plugins "Filter Lines"/"Extract Emails" moved into "Extract Strings"
  • [plugin] Terminal (new)