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  • Windows
  • x86, x64 1.78.5 (2019/04)
  • Linux
  • x86, x64, ARM (GTK2, Qt4) 1.78.5 (2019/04)
  • macOS
  • 1.78.5 (2019/04)
  • FreeBSD
  • x86, x64 (GTK2) 1.78.5 (2019/04)

    Platform-specific notes
    • Windows: Python engine is included.
    • macOS: Python engine is not included. To use plugins, you must install Python 3.x from official
    • Linux, FreeBSD: Python engine is not included. To use plugins, see instruction inside "default.json" config about "pylib".
      For Debian/Ubuntu, you need .deb package, it adds CudaText shortcut to the Applications list, and adds "cudatext" to system path. For others, get .xz package, unpack it to ~/CudaText, and create shortcut by hands.

    Latest add-ons updates

    Latest lexers updates
    • [lexer] STAR, Self-defining Text Archive and Retrieval (new)
    • [lexer] Nix (new)
    • [lexer] Sass, SCSS (upd)
    • [lexer] CoffeeScript, LESS, YAML (upd)
    • [lexer] TypeScript, C# (upd)
    • [lexer] Assembly Motorola 68k (new)
    • [lexer] Assembly NASM (new)
    • [lexer] Assembly MASM, RON, JQ, Logstash DSL, TAGML (new)