SynJedi plugin

SynJedi is auto-completion plugin for SynWrite text editor. It's based on Jedi Python library.

Version: 1.0.5 (dec 2013)
Download (SynJedi.rar, 4.5M)

How to install: open file "SynJedi.rar" in latest SynWrite, and confirm installation prompt.

After you install it, it will provide the following functionality for Python lexer (Python 2 and 3).

1 - Intelligent auto-completion

Put caret after any Python object name with dot ".", and press Ctrl+Space: you'll see intelligent completions list, which is based on type of the object. Partially typed names (after dot) are supported, they just limit completions list.

Completions for a standard module "re":

Completions for user-defined class instance:

2 - Function hints

If you type function name and then opening bracket "(", you may call function hint by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space (usually you don't need to press Ctrl+Shift+Space, as hint is activated automatically, after typing bracket char).

3 - Find symbol definition

If you right-click any name in Python code (class name, function name, variable, etc), and call context menu item "Find ID" (menu item should be enabled after you install SynJedi), plugin will find declaration position of clicked id, and open it for you (in current tab for the same file, or in another tab for another file).

Also you can Ctrl+Alt+click id, instead of using context menu.

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