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Lister plugins

The following list shows some of Lister plugins which you may find very useful in conjunction with Universal Viewer.

Document viewers

Graphic viewers

  • Imagine - All major graphic formats (JPG GIF BMP PNG TIFF WMF...)
  • PhotoViewer - All major graphic formats (BMP JPEG GIF TIFF PNG PSD JPEG2000 EMF WMF DICOM RAW...)
  • ICLView - Icon files (ICO ICL EXE DLL...)
  • FlashView - Flash clips (SWF)
  • SWF Lister - Flash clips (SWF FLV)
  • 2D CAD View - Vector graphics: AutoCAD etc (DXF DWG HPGL SVG CGM ...)

Text editors with syntax highlighting

Font viewers

  • AKFont - All major font formats (TTF TTC OTF FON PFM PFB)
  • Font - All major font formats (TTF TTC OTF FON PFM)
  • TTFViewer - TrueType fonts (TTF)

Miscellaneous viewers

  • EMLView - Saved e-mails (EML MSG)
  • SQLite Viewer - SQLite3 database files
  • xBaseView - All major database formats (DBF DB MDB MDF XLS CSV ...)
  • Wise Tracker - Mod music formats (MOD S3M IT XM ...)
  • LinkInfo - Windows link files (LNK)
  • FileInfo - Applications and DLLs (EXE DLL SCR ...)
  • PE Viewer - Applications and DLLs (EXE DLL SCR ...)
  • AnyTag - Audio clips (AAC APE FLAC MP3 MP4 MPC OFR OGG WMA ...)
  • TxQuickView - Multi-purpose: images, media, internet, executables, fonts (AVI MPG MP3 RA RM MOV HTML EXE DLL TTF ...)
  • NFO Viewer - Small text files (NFO DIZ)

Note: only small amount of plugins is selected for the list above. For more complete collection of Total Commander plugins please visit the following two sites:

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